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At Malcata Eco Experience we have the best Stand Up Paddle experiences in Beira Interior. Whether alone or with friends and family, you will have personalized support focused on you. In addition, we want you to enjoy all the benefits that SUP can have for your health and well-being, such as:

Homem em cima de prancha de paddleboarding, a expressar felicidade, enquanto pratica Stand Up Paddle

- Promote good postural hygiene

- Cardiorespiratory improvement

- Tones the muscles

- Help you get better balance

- Reduce stress

- Improve your self esteem

- Others...

Homem em cima de prancha de paddleboarding, a expressar felicidade, enquanto pratica Stand Up Paddle

But, our Stand Up Paddle experiences are a healthy additive and guarantee that you have a more intimate contact with nature and water. In addition, we also guarantee that you will have fun!

Our activities include:

- Equipment for SUP practice (board, paddle, leash, floating vest);

- Audiovisual registration;

- Required and maritime-tourist insurance

Logo do Turismo de Natureza. Logotipo com fundo branco, com forma circular em verde-escuro, no centro da esfera está uma folha de Quercus. No lado direito uma linha irregular em ascensão, como de montanha. No lado esquerdo da folha, está o formato de meia casa. Por baixo da esfera, está escrito «turismo de natureza» em semicírculo.

Activity recognized as Nature Tourism (TN)

With certified instructor


Up to four adults (without a minimum number)

Adapted to all ages (except for toddlers)

Does not include wetsuits.


Choose the category of Stand Up Paddle you want


The baptism of Stand Up Paddle (SUP) is an essential point for those who are in contact with this sport for the first time. This activity takes you to know the safety procedures and to be able to perform elementary manoeuvres.

Price: 20€/adult | 14€/children (till 14 years old)


Have you ever had contact with Stand Up Paddle (SUP)? The SUP sessions offered by Malcata Eco Experience will allow you to take the jump you want, refining your the manoeuvres on the board, your paddling technique or your posture

Price: 25€/adult

If you have your own equipment and want to improve your performance, we have special prices and conditions for you and we guarantee that it will be worth investing your time with us to reach your potential!

Price: under consult

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Datasheet of the experience

Procedures in accordance with Portuguese Standard (NP) 4520/2015 – Open Air Tourism | Nature Tourism Activities

Type of activity: aquatic experience

Duration: Baptism: about 30 minutes (+briefing) | Session: about one hour (+ briefing)

Language: portuguese, spanish and english

Meeting Point:

– Zona Balnear do Meimão

– Praia Fluvial da Malcata

– Reserva Natural da Serra da Malcata

Difficulty level: easy

Technical ratio: ¼ (one instructor for four elements)

Price and payment method


Baptism: 20€/adult* | 14€/children (till 14 years old)

Session: 25€/adult* | with personal equipment: under consult

- Bank transfer

– PaylPal

– MBWay

- On-site payment

* VAT amounts included

We recommend

- Clothes suitable for the activity (shorts, swimsuit, bikini);

- Sunscreen

- Access to drinking water to prevent dehydration

- During the summer, we recommend scheduling the experience in the following time windows:

- Between 8 am and 12 pm (terminus time);

- Between 4 pm and 8 pm,

By contracting the experience, the client confirms that he/she is aware of the procedures described in the technical sheet and the code of conduct
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