Malcata Eco Experience

Mission, vision, values and compromises


The values we defend are the key principles that guide our philosophy and our daily actions. Each one is part of the DNA of Malcata Eco Experience

Sustainability - we seek to minimize the environmental impact generated by our activities;

Ethics - rigorous application of measures of environmental responsibility, social, safety and economic transparency;

Pedagogy we promote consciousness experiences

Eco-friendly - we apply environmentally friendly practices

Premium - exclusivity in scheduling

Slow tourism – we value your time in the region

We are committed to sustainable and educational experiences - on a premium and personalized basis - based on valuing the region's endogenous cultural and natural resources and in symbiosis with the surrounding environment.

- We are focused on materializing the Blue Mind concept in the national territory;

- We intend to generate more inclusive and accessible experiences for all;

- Become more eco-friendly and take an active role in the regeneration of the territory;

- We are committed to developing activities in cross-border space.

Our Commitments

Acreditação da distinção Biosphere

In 2022, Malcata Eco Experience is committed to values, to applying management models and a more sustainable lifestyle (in a continuous process of improvement) and to achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations Agenda for 2030.

We stick to the BCSD Portugal Charter of Principles, which establishes the principles that constitute the guidelines for good business management.

This Charter encourages subscribers to go beyond legal compliance, adopting recognized norms and practices with management, ethical, social, environmental and quality standards, in any context of the global economy.

Logo da Carta de Princípios da BCSD Portugal. Valores e compromissos para a Malcata Eco Experience
Logo de adesão ao compromisso Empresas Turismo 360º do Turismo de Portugal. Valores para a Malcata Eco Experience

In July 2022 we joined the Empresas Turismo 360º Program, from Turismo de Portugal. With this program we aim to achieve new environmental, social, and economic goals. In addition, it is an active contribution to the decarbonization of the economy with national (and global) impact.

Our network - partners & where we are
Casa Vinte & Cinco - Alojamento Local. Valores para a MEE
Logo do Grande Vale do Côa, com um cavalo sorraia em linhas amarelas. Valores para a MEE
logotipo são pedro de vir-a-corça, alojamento de turismo rural, com o slogan o mais belo segredo de Monsanto. A imagem do logotipo está em cima do nome e representa uma pedra esférica, com contornos irregulares, sobre uma pedra triangular pequena a sustentar a pedra esférica maior
Logo da iNature a verde e com uma folha. Valores para a MEE
Logo Moinho do Maneio
Logo da Associação Portuguesa de Turismo Sustentável. Uma libelhinha com asas coloridas. Integra a rede e traz novos valores para a MEE
Logo restaurante pajarillos, letras ladeadas por dois colibris coloridos
Logotipo naturtejo geopark
Logo Portugal by SUP. Quatro ondas no lado esquerdo de cor verde claro. Na palavra "by" divide Portugal e SUP e tem uma pagaia a separar ambas as palavras
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